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The first flotation tank was invented by John C.Lilly in 1954.  In his work as a neuroscientist, Lilly was researching how the brain responded when external stimuli were removed.  In an effort to create an environment in which light, sound, and touch were removed, Lilly created a float tank that is similar to modern tanks.  Scientists at the time assumed that the brain would stop functioning if the sensory input was removed.  Lilly found that just the opposite was true!  He discovered that the brain has a prime opportunity to rest and recover when external stimuli are removed.  This leads to increased creativity and reduced stress, all while producing a sense of well-being and euphoria!

There are hundreds of Float Centers around the world that are helping people in a holistic way.  The US has a long way to go in recognizing and valuing holistic remedies like countries such as Europe,Sweden, and Australia.  The Swedish Floatation Association is working to "integrate floatation therapy into the national health care structure so that it is officially recognized as a therapeutic treatment by state authorities, medical communities, and national health insurance programs." 


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